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Paul franco is a french photographer and director based in paris.

providing a creative vision for each project, paul specializes in advertising for luxury brands in fashion, perfume and cosmetic as well as editorial and press.


expanding with the finest and the up and comings, paul proposes a contemporary vision dedicated / connected to the emotion of each object of desire. 

Fendi x KB9


Chapter 1: The Failure


In this film, Paris-based Director Paul Franco attempted to record the possible sounds from an architectural space. 

Failing in the mission of properly capturing this sound, he went for an ode to the imagination of what it could be. 

Paul says, "Preparing ourselves for Chapter 2, we're coming much more prepared to grab the beautiful relation between space and sound."

October 11, 2022

Chanel x Vogue

Capture d’écran 2022-11-16 à 09.16_edited.jpg
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